Friday, 23 December 2011


Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 !!!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Barça crowned world champion in Japan. Congratulations!!!!. Enhorabona!!!!.

The clash between the European and South American champions in Japan has finished with a victory for Barça (4-0). Futbol Club Barcelona has picked its second world cup after winning the competition in 2009.


Video in TV3 - New Zealand (English)

Video in TV3 - Catalonia (Catalan)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Pacific Solutions by The Australian Studies Centre (Universitat de Barcelona)

The Australian Studies Centre (Universitat de Barcelona) is hosting its annual conference from 12-15th December together with a sculpture exhibition in the UB. The title is Pacific Solutions and more information can be found by clicking at...

Monday, 24 October 2011

Sydney Dance Company in Barcelona

For the first time Sydney Dance Company will be heading to Rafael Bonachela’s home town, Barcelona, to present his beautiful double bill of 6 Breaths and LANDforms. The company is looking forward to returning to Europe with these works after a sell out season in Germany in May.

In 6 Breaths, Ezio and Rafael focus on the act of breathing as the spirit of life. ‘The first breath is the life breath; the second is breathlessness – out of breath; the third, the crying breath or where breath is interrupted by emotion; the fourth is in the same breath; the fifth breath is a whisper – under one’s breath – and the sixth is last breath.’ RAFAEL BONACHELA

6 Breaths will be presented with LANDforms, where Bonachela and Bosso have drawn directly from their shared response to the drama and evolving forms of the land. They have created a work that promises to be their most moving collaboration to date.

Mercat de les flors, Barcelona
24-26 November, 21:00 pm
27 Novembre, 19:00

(Kristie, thanks for the info)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Go to the Sydney Opera House without moving from Catalonia...

Do you want to see Giuseppe Verdi's Rigolleto but the Sydney Opera House is too far away?
Next Thursday (20th, 20:30pm) you can go to the GranVia 2 cinema to see this opera, broadcasted from Australia!!!

Musical direction by Giovanni Rieggioli
Scenic direction by Elijah Moshinsky
Performing Alan Opie, Paul O'Neill, Emma Mathews, David Parkin

You can buy your tickets at ServiCaixa or at the Cinema or visiting

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Catalan footprint in Australia...

The Catalan Footprint in Australia is an on-line exhibition presented at The Immigration Museum in Melbourne on September 11, 2011. The project recovers stories and images of the Catalan pioneers in Australia to present the human side of the migratory movement.

A bit of History...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

AuNZCat goes back to Dublin...

We are organising a short trip to Dublin (from Barcelona).
When?: 7th-8th-9th of October
Where to stay?: Abigails Hostel (next to Temple Bar)
If you are interested in having fun for and meet some other members, email us.

More info...

Friday, 2 September 2011

Carcassonne and "Le parc australien"

Carcassonne it's an interesting place to visit and it's just 3 hours from Barcelona!!!

Walk around the narrow lanes of " La Cité" (as it is called) and you will find a genuine medieval town sourrounded by 3 Km of ramparts and 52 towers, as well as hotels, gift shops, leafy squares and many restaurants serving regional cuisine. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, "La Cité" is visited year-around by those who want to feel history come alive. It's ans exceptionally attractive place and the setting for many events

If you travel with small children a good option could be a visit to Le Parc Australien, just three minutes from Carcassonne Medieval centre. Take a look...

A few minutes from the park you also have de Lac de la Cavayère with its picnic areas,children's games, water sports, sandy beaches and grassy edges, and the ideal place for fishing and walking

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Watch the 7th Edition of the Rugby World Cup in Barcelona (Sept 9th - Oct 23rd)

We have placed a post on the Classified section to watch the games via internet (it's a payment service) but the best option would be gather around tables and drinks and share the experience...

We just would like to let you all know we  will be showing most of the world cup rugby games. So feel welcome to join us.

The International, Rambles 81  if you want to confirm any of the games...

See you!!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Info from the Honorary Consulate of Australia: New address & Holiday

Last October the Consulate moved to Av. Diagonal from its old address, they informed about it but some still don't know.

New address and other data:
Mercè Argüelles
Consular Assistant
Honorary Consulate of Australia
Av. Diagonal 458, 3rd floor / 08006 Barcelona
Telephone 34 93 490 9013 - 10 to 12h Mon to Fri

Consulate's holiday this summer will be from the 4th of August until the 4th of september

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Best of Barcelona on the Aussie Press

This is an article published on The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald some weeks ago. It's been written by Liz Porter. When she explains "what Barcelonans do", well, maybe some Barcelonans... Any case, it's always interesting to see a visitor's point of view...

Monday, 20 June 2011

Barcelona Protests

As you know a lot of people protested yesterday in BCN. We don't know the real figures but police said 50,000 people turned out in Barcelona streets...

Here you can read about Barcelona protests from an Australian point of view...

Thanks Paul.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Videos from Barcelona

I recommend you a blog about Barcelona's blogs. It's called Barcelonasfera, this is their link...

You may know one of the blogs they recommend (The Australian New Zealander Catalan Society's Blog!!!), but this post is to recommend a new blog: Videos from Barcelona, they offer a fresh view of the city's landscapes. Have a look...


Monday, 30 May 2011

Messi's name goes beside Gaudi's in the index of Barcelona's greatest artists

Well, an obvious exaggeration but we redirect to this article on the Sydney Morning Herald, as a tribute to the champions....

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Danish law makes unhappy little vegemites

Vegemite has been banned in Denmark, fortunately is still legal here in Catalonia, read more...

Paul: thanks for the story :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Australian rap on the BBC

You can enjoy this fascinating 30 minute documentary on the BBC about Australian rap.
So if you are interested in music, education, indigenous affairs or life in Australia in general, I strongly recommend it. But listen to it soon, as most programs are only for a week or so.

Thanks Paul!!!


Monday, 16 May 2011

Australian Football Championship

You can enjoy Australian football in Pla (l'Alt Camp) on the 2nd of July.
If you want to participate there's time until the end of May.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Picturesque towns and festivals near Barcelona

BarcelonaCoast is our new sponsor, they suggest visits to picturesque towns and festivals near Barcelona -just north of it- in El Maresme area. It could be a perfect plan for the week-end.

In their website you can find information about leisure, tourism, hotels, restaurants, festivals and videos about these towns. One of the my favourite suggestions is Fundació Palau in Caldes d'Estrac, you can enjoy some Picasso's works there...

Starting just north of Barcelona, the region called Maresme offers a whole range of exciting activities to enjoy the traditonal meditteranean lifestyle. Rich in local history, culture and cuisine, born of legends of many thousands of years.

Lying between the coast and the Serralada Litoral mountains the Maresme benefits from a special “microclimate”, warm winters and great summer temperatures. For that reason it attracts thriving tourism year round, interested in the diversity and wealth of activities that this combination of mountains and coast can uniquely offer. science of navigation , scuba diving, golf, tennis, equestrian and adventure sports ...

To compliment the great sun, sea and beach holiday, Catalunya and especially the Maresme pride itself on high quality and rich local cuisine. The home of the famous “meditteranean diet” - fresh produce often grown locally, fresh fish from its local ports and Girona grass fed Beef, this gastronomy is often called “Cuina de Mercat” literally meaning - cooking from the market.

The pride in great cultural and architectural history, is all around. With architecture from Gaudi, and The Modernist schools these fantastic buildings are recognized on the international modernist route.

Enjoy El Maresme!!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Touch Rugby Barcelona

This text is from a message by Alexis, a player of the Touch Rugby Barcelona Team. We think it could be or interest for some of you as we receive a lot of messages related to sports (rugby, touch, aussie rules,...)

Touch Rugby Barcelona is a boys&girls team, as you may know touch is a kind of rugby without physical contact. Alexis provides a link here to watch a video about it:

And here you can visit the team's blog...

Players train every Monday and Wednesday at 20:30 pm in Zona Universitària
Avinguda Diagonal 695-701, 08028

Members of The Australian New Zealander Catalan Soc are welcome!!!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

A book: Barcelona, Catalonia a view from the inside (by Matthew Tree)

We recommend this book about life and politics in Catalonia, as told through the eyes of an Englishman, Matthew Tree. This author collaborates in some Catalan media and has published articles in some British newspapers and magazines.

Matthew gives a vision of Catalonia rarely uncovered by the casual visitor, you will find discussions about Catalonia's future and insider's visions about real life in Barcelona, from doctor's visits to shopping...

Enjoy it.

Matthew Tree's website:
Kindle edition available on Amazon (we'll inform when available in other formats):

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Food lovers: Down Under in Barcelona

Food lovers: just read this article published by The Australian. You'll know some Barcelona's offerings... with an Australian flavour...

Jonah Lomu promoting rugby at the III Global Sports Forum in Barcelona

Jonah Lomu the former All Blacks player, has visited Barcelona to participate in The Global Sports Forum. He enjoyed the Barça-Arsenal and compared the All Blacks and Barça, explaining that both are “more than a team”.

Mr Lomu, who is known as “The Speed”, also talked about the “lost final” in 1995 when NZ was defeated by South Africa (as the film “Invictus” explains). He talked about mixed feelings, losing was obviously sad but the effect for the South African people was very positive.

He said he expects a good result for NZ in this year’s Ruby World Cup held in NZ.

As you can see we enjoyed a very interesting guest here in BCN!!!!!

Friday, 25 February 2011

AuNZCat goes to Edinburgh... in May

We are organising a short stay in Edinburgh in May. For those of you with children it will be a perfect season, it's when the Children's International Theatre Festival takes place. For everyone a perfect occasion to wear our AUNZCAT t-shirts.

If you want to participate, email us.


A new site for Catalan expats in Auckland

Our friends from "Catalans al Món" have created a new site for the Catalan community living in Auckland.

You can find them clicking on the map below (we have added the link on the "Expatriates" section)

Good luck!

Christchurch earthquake, how to help

New Zealand Red Cross has launched the "New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal" to support those affected by the Christchurch earthquake

All funds will be used towards the NZ Red Cross response to this disaster. As weeks go by different needs will be identified and Red Cross will be meeting them.

More info here...

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Give an idea and Get the AuNzCat t-shirt...

Do you want to get our t-shirt?

Share with us an idea for our next get-together (by commenting on this post or by sending us an email, till the end of Feb.). We'll  meet you in a bar in BCN where we'll give you your t-shirt.

After receiving enough suggestions we'll show them on the blog and we'll choose the best option with an online poll.

Let's start with your idea!!!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Australian Rules Football in Catalonia

Australian rules football in Catalonia is run by the LFAC (Lliga de futbol australià de Catalunya / Catalan League of Australian Football). LFAC is a member of Aussie Rules Europe. The first club in Catalonia (Belfry Valls) was founded in Valls.

The teams playing the Catalan League nowadays are:

- Cornellà Bocs (Catalonia, 2010 Catalonia Champions)
- Belfry Valls (Catalonia)
Perpignan Tigers (Northern Catalonia)
- Andorra Crows (Andorra)

The Catalan national team has played three EU cups, in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010.

You can click on the names of the teams to get more info. Enjoy!

Source: Ferran Vital (Cornellà Bocs)

Latest posts on the "Classifieds" Section...

French girl wanting to settle in Oz...

Kiwi girl wanting to settle in BCN...

Friday, 14 January 2011

Vacancy at the Australian Embassy

There's a job opportunity (Administrative Assistant) on the "Classifieds" section. The info was sent by the Australian Embassy...

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Queensland flood crisis: donate to the flood relief appeal

This is a genuine website by the Queensland Government:

you can donate by phone, internet banking, by mail...

We hope this nightmare will end very soon.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Sagrada Familia Made in Australia?

Mark Burry, a New Zealander and professor at RMIT University in Melbourne (Australia) is working on the Sagrada Familia project, in fact, he is in charge of finishing the main façade (the Gloria Façade).

He took the innovative step of applying aeronautical software to the project, his team is developing 3D models as the base of the façade project, these models will be compared to the original drafts made by Gaudi (they have 11 original fragments and 4 original pictures, a miniature reproduction was lost at the Civil War)

The façade will be 80 m tall, 50 m wide and 20 m deep, its weight will be 22.000 tons (5.500 each tower) and will be the last stage in the building of the whole Sagrada Familia (which implies demolishing some of the neighbouring buildings).

Mark Cameron Burry is an expert on Gaudi’s work, he has been working on the Sagrada Familia’s project for 30 years and was named an “academic” by the Sant Jordi Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Catalonia, coauthored the book “De Gaudí al CAD” (Edicions UPC, 1996) and wrote the book “Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família: Antoni Gaudí” (Phaidon, 1993).

Watch video