Monday, 30 May 2011

Messi's name goes beside Gaudi's in the index of Barcelona's greatest artists

Well, an obvious exaggeration but we redirect to this article on the Sydney Morning Herald, as a tribute to the champions....

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Danish law makes unhappy little vegemites

Vegemite has been banned in Denmark, fortunately is still legal here in Catalonia, read more...

Paul: thanks for the story :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Australian rap on the BBC

You can enjoy this fascinating 30 minute documentary on the BBC about Australian rap.
So if you are interested in music, education, indigenous affairs or life in Australia in general, I strongly recommend it. But listen to it soon, as most programs are only for a week or so.

Thanks Paul!!!


Monday, 16 May 2011

Australian Football Championship

You can enjoy Australian football in Pla (l'Alt Camp) on the 2nd of July.
If you want to participate there's time until the end of May.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Picturesque towns and festivals near Barcelona

BarcelonaCoast is our new sponsor, they suggest visits to picturesque towns and festivals near Barcelona -just north of it- in El Maresme area. It could be a perfect plan for the week-end.

In their website you can find information about leisure, tourism, hotels, restaurants, festivals and videos about these towns. One of the my favourite suggestions is Fundació Palau in Caldes d'Estrac, you can enjoy some Picasso's works there...

Starting just north of Barcelona, the region called Maresme offers a whole range of exciting activities to enjoy the traditonal meditteranean lifestyle. Rich in local history, culture and cuisine, born of legends of many thousands of years.

Lying between the coast and the Serralada Litoral mountains the Maresme benefits from a special “microclimate”, warm winters and great summer temperatures. For that reason it attracts thriving tourism year round, interested in the diversity and wealth of activities that this combination of mountains and coast can uniquely offer. science of navigation , scuba diving, golf, tennis, equestrian and adventure sports ...

To compliment the great sun, sea and beach holiday, Catalunya and especially the Maresme pride itself on high quality and rich local cuisine. The home of the famous “meditteranean diet” - fresh produce often grown locally, fresh fish from its local ports and Girona grass fed Beef, this gastronomy is often called “Cuina de Mercat” literally meaning - cooking from the market.

The pride in great cultural and architectural history, is all around. With architecture from Gaudi, and The Modernist schools these fantastic buildings are recognized on the international modernist route.

Enjoy El Maresme!!!!