Monday, 3 January 2011

Sagrada Familia Made in Australia?

Mark Burry, a New Zealander and professor at RMIT University in Melbourne (Australia) is working on the Sagrada Familia project, in fact, he is in charge of finishing the main façade (the Gloria Façade).

He took the innovative step of applying aeronautical software to the project, his team is developing 3D models as the base of the façade project, these models will be compared to the original drafts made by Gaudi (they have 11 original fragments and 4 original pictures, a miniature reproduction was lost at the Civil War)

The façade will be 80 m tall, 50 m wide and 20 m deep, its weight will be 22.000 tons (5.500 each tower) and will be the last stage in the building of the whole Sagrada Familia (which implies demolishing some of the neighbouring buildings).

Mark Cameron Burry is an expert on Gaudi’s work, he has been working on the Sagrada Familia’s project for 30 years and was named an “academic” by the Sant Jordi Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Catalonia, coauthored the book “De Gaudí al CAD” (Edicions UPC, 1996) and wrote the book “Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família: Antoni Gaudí” (Phaidon, 1993).

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