Saturday, 12 March 2011

Jonah Lomu promoting rugby at the III Global Sports Forum in Barcelona

Jonah Lomu the former All Blacks player, has visited Barcelona to participate in The Global Sports Forum. He enjoyed the Barça-Arsenal and compared the All Blacks and Barça, explaining that both are “more than a team”.

Mr Lomu, who is known as “The Speed”, also talked about the “lost final” in 1995 when NZ was defeated by South Africa (as the film “Invictus” explains). He talked about mixed feelings, losing was obviously sad but the effect for the South African people was very positive.

He said he expects a good result for NZ in this year’s Ruby World Cup held in NZ.

As you can see we enjoyed a very interesting guest here in BCN!!!!!


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  4. This man's story is impressive...

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