Saturday, 30 March 2013

Damian Clark: Aussie comedy in Barcelona (April sat 20th)

Aussie comedy in Barcelona in April, sat 20th.
Time: 9 pm
Place: Carders Pub (C/Carders 31, BCN)

Price: 15 Eur per person

Info about Damian Clark

Aussie boy Damian Clark has had comedy goers in hysterics from the moment he hit the European comedy circuit in 2005. His award winning, high-octane observational comedy has garnered worldwide critical acclaim.

Before touching down in the UK, Damian made Ireland his home and became regular features in Irish national TV smash hit comedy program called 'I dare ya', in which he co wrote with Andrew Stanley which became the highest rating Irish comedy debut to date.

Clark's 2011 Edinburgh Fringe show 'Stand UP' was met with a sold out run and in the same year his youtube clips hit over a million viewers.

In 2012 Damian was hand picked to support Kevin Bridges and Jack Dee on their national UK tours, playing theaters and arenas to over one hundred, thousand people.

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