Monday, 2 July 2012

Sydney Morning Herald: article about Barcelona with the help of AuNZ.Cat...

Weeks ago I asked some of you if you wanted to be contacted by a SMH journalist, he was writing an article about Barcelona in "the (sydney) magazine", a magazine sold with the SMH..

The article went to press and Dominic send me a paper copy. It was funny to receive an envelope in this "email age":

...even a hand-written note:

... and finally, the article:

The local chosen as the source for the article has been Lauren Cahill, they even comment on her Kangaroo Kitchen classes (Lauren, I'll give a  paper copy if you want).



  1. Thanks Joan! Was hard deciding on what to recommend as my list of places and things I love here is so long and ever expanding. Let's hope it prompts more Aussie's to come visit and inject their hard earned cash into the economy. Thanks for organising! Cheers, Lauren

  2. If we see an Aussie invasion it's because of you.