Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The English-speaking Children's Parents' Association

The English-speaking Children's Parents' Association provides a forum
for those interested in working to change the Catalan school system's
approach to native speakers of curricular languages.  They are a civil
society group whose aims are

Recognition of English as a heritage language (in Catalan, a
llengua d'origen), which would make it possible to sponsor
after-school mother-tongue English classes in Catalan schools,
beginning at age 6 (ten other languages are already recognised as
llengües d'origen)

Recognition of children who speak English at home and attend
Catalan schools as special needs learners for whom English as a
foreign language instruction is not appropriate

Advanced/enriched English instruction, especially at the secondary level

In the long-term, English-Catalan dual-language education.

They have a web site (sites.google.com/site/catangloampa/) and are
active on Facebook (just enter "English-speaking Children's Parents'
Association of Catalonia" into the search box).

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