Monday, 18 June 2012

Dinner Friday 15th of June (Silvestre Restaurant)

Thanks to all of you who came!!!!

It was a dinner full of interesting people, stimulating conversation, the warm Silvestre's staff ...

There were people who have lived in Australia some time ago, Aussies, locals that plan to go to Australia very soon, some others,... An amazing mix, event a good place to talk about business but mainly to share experiences, opinions... and enjoy. I even forgot that my arm was broken (seriously).

If you couldn't this time, come to the next one!


Dinner from the East

Dinner from the West

Kangaroo and red wine


  1. Next time I'll be there!!!!
    ;) ;)

  2. Moltes gracies a tothom!

    I had a really good night of interesting conversation, great food and equally good wine. It was a wonderful welcome into a new group!

  3. .thanks for sharing