Thursday, 31 December 2015

Become a writer about culture, art, food, music, design, architecture...

Are you an aspiring writer? a voraciuos reader? a travel junkie? a lover of all things culture? Then The Culture Trip is your place, it gives you the opportunity to become part of your city's cultural community as a reader, writer or explorer.

The Culture Trip is an online platform dedicated to all things about culture across the globe, with over 155 countries covered and hubs in Paris, NY, Tel Aviv, Brussels, London, San Francisco, Mumbai, Melbore and Barcelona to name a few.

As an English speaking network in Barcelona, AuNZ.Cat has been contacted by them. Tara Jessop, Director of Culture at The Culture Trip, invites us to become new contributors and write articles for this site.

This is not a job opportunity (there is no financial remuneration of any sorts) but it's quite simply an opportunity for those who want to write about their favourite cultural topics in Barcelona (and/or the rest of Catalonia, Australia, New Zealand). They welcome first timers and hobbyists, but there are also a few professional freelancers working with them as a way to gain exposure (the have 2 million+ monthly readers).

Not just local writers but also talented photographers, and videographers are welcome.

Give a try!

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