Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Book Presentation by the Australian writer and journalist Brett Hetherington: "The ReMade Parent" (Friday 13th June)

"The ReMade Parent" by Brett Hetherington.

Date:  13th June
Time:  6pm-7:30pm
Place: C/Pau Claris 106 (please, confirm sending an email to aunzcat@gmail.com)

Brett Hetherington is originally from Canberra and he is currently living in Catalonia. He has collaborated with some Australian and Catalan Media (OnlyMelbourne.com.au, Catalonia Today, Barcelona Metropolitan).

Brett has worked as a teacher in four countries for more than a decade. 

In The ReMade Parent, Brett offers an optimistic picture of parenthood, he helps mothers and fathers recognize how, why and where their parenting is under the greatest pressure. He explains the deeper reasons for men too often failing in their role as fathers and looks truthfully at the current phenomenon of many mothers increasingly "opting out" of being genuinely involved in their children's lives.

This book says the recent global economic recession has provided us with the perfect moment to re-think and then re-make parenting. Drawing from years of personal experiences, extensive research and original interviews with real parents, the author wakes us up to the simple fact that we can all do better as those responsible for bringing us our kids. He argues that most of young people's problems in the 21st century begin either before or outside of school but too often they become destructive in the classroom. He makes clear how the solutions start with us, as mothers and fathers.

The ReMade Parent also raises serious questions about how our rapid-paced working lives mean that our sons and daughter's needs are too often overlooked and it suggests what to watch out for.

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