Sunday, 8 August 2010

Get Started with BCN: Local news in English

We recommend you a Catalonia-based newspaper called Catalonia Today. It provides news in English from a Catalan point of view. You can buy it at your local newsagency's or read i on line (

You can also find a free newspaper called Barcelona Metropolitan ( Some of our members get it monthly at The Philharmonic (Carrer Mallorca 204).

Do you know other publications? Add your comments!


  1. If you need just the opposite (Australian news in Catalan) you can visit one of the most known online newspapers in Catalan, they have an "Australian local edition":

    John P.

  2. To be exact
    There's no local section for NZ. Pitty.

  3. Post Time Out Barcelona, useful for us kiwis!

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  5. Done! Thanks Kevin.

    We've just started the site (bad time to do it, most of the members are enjoying their holiday) and you can consider this a "beta design". All suggestions are welcome.

    There are different options to get involved:

    1. Just reading and eventually post some comment
    2. Become a follower (on the right-down side of the page)
    3. Send a message to, we'll send back an email with more info about us.

    Thanks again Kevin